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The Squash Melbourne Club

Compete, improve your game and socialise!

The Squash Melbourne Club is for those who want to play in a team in a regular weekly squash competition. Playing weekly matches against teams from other clubs, you will play against people at your own standard and who may have very different squash styles. It’s a great way to improve your game, and a great opportunity to socialise with other squash players.

The Squash Melbourne Club is one of Melbourne’s biggest squash clubs. We currently have:

Club Circuit

The Squash Melbourne Club are proud to have been invited to submit teams for the long-established and popular VSRA Club Circuit competition for the Autumn Season commencing in February 2021.

Teams in the Club Circuit competition come from many of the Private Clubs around Melbourne, such as the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, the RACV Club and Mulgrave Country Club to name a few. The standard of squash at the upper grades is at near- professional standard  but there are grades to suit all standards of players. Squash Melbourne Club will find a team to suit you!

With 14 Grades available, all standards of competitive squash can be catered for.

Visiting Teams in the Club Circuit Competition are invited to enjoy a sit down supper and drinks after the matches are played, developing a great camaraderie amongst teams and ensuring comprehensive post-mortems of the evenings play!

Home and Away Matches are played one evening a week over 15 weeks plus finals  with a 6.30pm start. Cost for the season is approximately $35 per week which covers your game fees and supper and some drinks for your team and your opponents. Your team captain will manage the finances!

You will need to be a paid up member of The Squash Melbourne Club and the Victorian Squash and Racquetball Association – membership details are here.

For more information about our teams for the Club Circuit Competition, contact – Lawrence Parsons – 0423722232

Summer Squash League

The Squash Melbourne Club have a number of teams in this competition commencing in February 2021, with State Grade Teams at the top end of the league and lower grade teams to suit all standards and experience. The general nature of the Squash in the SSL is competitive but casual and friendly!

Matches are typically held on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at Courts around the Melbourne Metropolitan area, from 7pm and a casual light supper is provided by the home team.  Cost is only $20 per week but you will need to be a paid up member of The Squash Melbourne Club and the Victorian Squash and Racquetball Association. Membership details are here

Give Simon Maidment at the Club a call on 0412 227 188 and have a chat about joining one of The Squash Melbourne Club teams in the Summer Squash Leagues.

VSMA – Masters Autumn Pennant

Masters Squash – the very name conjures up images of the legends of our  sport plying their skills in their halcyon days… And although there are some very wily and experienced players in the competition, Masters is available to any Financial Member of Squash Melbourne Club over a certain age (35 for Men, and 30 for Women).  Matches are played on a Thursday evening from 7pm at clubs around the Melbourne Metropolitan area, over a 15 week season plus finals.  We are submitting teams in a number of grades for the upcoming Autumn Season (commencing in February 2021) and we are sure to be able to find a team for your standard of play. The cost is only $20 per night with the home team providing a light supper for their visiting opposition team.  Although the match play is fiercely competitive – the post match conversations and laughs are the stuff of legend!

You will need to be paid up member of The Squash Melbourne Club at $85.00

To be a part of our special group of Masters teams, contact our Masters guru… Richard Kellaway – on 0418 194 399

In-House competition

We have an in-house competition which is scheduled over 6 weeks and which involves Divisions of 6 players required to play 5 matches over the 6 week period. We currently have 13 leagues with 78 players and we may well be adding a few more. The skillset covers the whole range!  If you are interested in the next round of competition, whatever your level, please contact us.