Whether you’re training for peak fitness or starting on your journey, the classes provided by our highly qualifed coaches in a well equipped and friendly environment will help reach your goals.

With structured classes that are sure to push and challenge you, we will help you on your fitness journey.


For many people, the words fun and fitness or enjoyable exercise don’t go well together, but we are here to change that. We believe that through social exercise, we can promote the fun in physical activity and help you to reach your goals.

All of our classes are driven by social interaction and we encourage the fun aspects in every session. When people enjoy what they’re doing, they tend to do it more and achieve even greater results. This increased consistency is key to driving results. As you enjoy your classes we challenge you to improve and exceed your goals. We even join events throughout the year to give your motivation that extra boost. In the end this positive cycle results in more enjoyment and more results in a comfortable environment – and in the end that’s what fitness is all about.


The perfect way to complement any group session, 1 on 1 training is also available upon request. Working directly with one of our friendly and experienced trainers, you can achieve even greater results. Contact the LivFunFit team to explore our 1 on 1 options.

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