Visually the golf simulator is world class. It has 3 Full High Definition projectors combined to give a 180 degree image 11meters wide x 3meters high, at least twice as large as other simulators with 3 times the resolution. This is combined with the latest version of E6 golf by Trugolf. The software has over 90 world class golf courses all rendered in meticulous 3D detail. The software is connected to the internet and allows players to create their own profiles to track progress and save rounds. In addition users can compete in competitions from around the world or hosted locally including nearest to the pin events.

The ball tracking is achieved by multiple sensors to give detailed information on club and ball data to reproduce every shot with incredible accuracy. This allows golfers to use the simulator as a practice tool as well as entertainment. For novice players it is possible to choose friendly mode which enables shots to go further and straighter. Up to 4 players at a time can use the machine in a variety of different modes with the most popular being teams or individual skins or Stableford.

The golf simulator is supplied and supported by local Melbourne company ‘Golfsim Australia‘.