The Squash Melbourne Club is for those who want to play in a team in regular weekly squash competition. Playing weekly matches against teams from other clubs, you will play against people at your own standard and who may have very different squash styles. It’s a great way to improve your game, and a great opportunity to socialise with other squash players.

The Squash Melbourne Club is one of Melbourne’s biggest squash clubs. We currently have:

– 13 teams playing in the Southern Squash League Open (i.e. mixed male and female) competition
– 1 team playing in the Southern Squash League Women’s competition
– 6 teams playing in the Victorian Masters Squash Association competition

All of the Southern Squash League teams play once a week on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

The Master’s teams play once a week on Thursday evenings. Masters is a mixed male and female competition. To be eligible to play Masters, you must be at least 35 years of age (men) or 30 years of age (women).

Home matches are at Squash Melbourne (10 Independence Street, Moorabbin) with a 7.00 pm start (Women’s SSL 7.30 pm) and away matches are at other squash venues, with various start times.

All of the competitions are graded. We have teams to suit strong players, teams to suit weaker players and teams for those in between.

If you are interested in joining a team at The Squash Melbourne Club, or if you would simply like to know more about the various competitions, please get in touch – we’d love to talk with you.

Southern Squash League Open teams: 
Open  – B Reserve – David Hayes: | 0448 717 321

C Grade – C Reserve – Stewart Cottrell: | 0417 570 778

D Grade – D Reserve – TBA

Southern Squash League Women’s teams: 

Masters teams: 
Brian Davey: | 0417 394 314

If you aren’t sure where you would fit in, come down for a hit during a weekend practice session. We’ll pretty quickly work out whether you would fit into a team in a higher grade, a lower grade or somewhere in between.

Our Committee

President: David Hayes

Vice President: David Cowell

Secretary: Ina Macbeth

Treasurer: Campbell Paterson

General Committee: Cassie Thomas; Adrian Boden; Lawrence Parsons; Richard Kellaway; Brian Davey

Notice of Next Meeting: TBA

Contact us to find out more