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The Sixth Principle Gym

More Than Training

The Sixth Principle Gym is based around a semi-private training model.

We have limited spots open for each time slot that allows for controlled numbers and supervised coaching.

Semi-private training means each of our athletes have their own individualised program which is created from an initial screening process that underpins why an athlete moves the way they do and gives us baseline data of their current abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

This model helps instil confidence, independence and ensures a high level of coaching can be administered to each and every athlete.

We on-board clients from the age of 12 and mix athletes of all ages, abilities and sports which has been an integral part of building the community of The Sixth Principle.

At The Sixth Principle we also cater for 1-1 training, injury rehabilitation and team training sessions.

We pride ourselves on being an adaptable and flexible team.

Our goal is to provide an environment and training system to help each and every one of our members chase down their goals and continue doing what they love.









6–9am, 3–7.30pm

6–11am, 3–7.30pm


6–10am, 3–7:30pm

6–11am, 3–7pm