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Coach Jarrad Kay

Head Coach

Jarrad began coaching after two long stints of injury rehabilitation (ACL reconstructions). Identifying that he wanted to help young athletes prepare themselves physically combating the potential risk of injuries in Sport.

Jarrad started The Sixth Principle in 2018, creating a training system that aligned with his coaching philosophies and experiences coaching a wide array of athletes from all ages, levels and different sports.

Key area of focus: Injury rehabilitation, Speed and Power development


Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science (Deakin University)
Masters of Exercise Science (Edith Cowan University)
Certified Functional Strength Coach – Level 1
Athletics Coach – Level 1

Coach Patrick Avice

Senior Coach/Exercise Physiologist

Patty started coaching to help others achieve their goals and have fun along the way. His favourite thing about coaching is helping people break their own perceptions on what they thought was previously unattainable such as lifting their body weight in a deadlift or overcoming injuries.

Key area of focus: Building solid coach-client relationships that help move people towards their goals.


Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science (Deakin University)
Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Deakin University)

Coach Josh Keily

Senior Coach/Operations Manager

Josh has been working in the private setting of strength and conditioning since 2017. Working with a range of athletes from junior through to professional levels, across a variety of different sports including AFL, Basketball and Track & Field.

Josh is an avid sports fan and loves all things Carlton, Boston Celtics and Seattle Seahawks.

Key area of focus: Long term athletic development, including both performance and returning to sport from injury.


Bachelor Exercise Sport Science/Business: Sports Management (Deakin University)
Masters of Applied Sports Science (Deakin University)

Coach Jeff Dalman

Performance Coach

Jeff started out as one of our clients involved with one of our team training groups.

A few months later we offered him an intern position with us to help assist him with his current studies (Exercise Sport Science) and give us an extra set of hands as our clientele grew.

Jeff jumped at the opportunity and has quickly become an integral part of our team.

Jeff is still actively involved in playing Basketball and is a budding long distance enthusiast with interest in running and trail riding.

Key area of focus: Concurrent training methods, long term athlete development and Basketball


Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science/Business (ACU)

Coach Jordan Skalamera

Performance Coach/Head Coach - Online Training

Jordan was our first University placement student we took on-board. Jordan excelled within our environment and connected quickly with our clients and added great value to our coaching staff.

Jordan still actively plays Football and is a keen distance runner.

Key area of focus: Introduction to running, running-related injuries and return to running, mental health and fitness.


Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science (ACU)

Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology (ACU)

Coach Samantha Diamond

Sami comes from Sydney with experience in all strength and conditioning sectors, with a special interest in high performance sport. She grew up playing soccer, touch rugby and cross country running, and hopes to apply her practical based skills but also skills and knowledge that were developed in her studies, specifically in sports psychology. 

Sami is still a keen middle distance runner and plays local footy on the weekend.

Areas of focus: Long term athletic development and sports psychology.

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • Honors of Sport and Exercise Science (University of Technology, Sydney)









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