Hi everybody,

We will be back in business from tomorrow morning – Thursday the 18th of February.

Once again masks are required to be worn in our facility, unless you are playing, training, eating or drinking.

Please remember that you will need to have a booking and arrive at the time of that booking, whether playing squash or being part of the fitness sessions. Also, please make sure you enter via reception so we can check you off on our booking system, and remember to continue to use the hand sanitisers scattered around the club.

We look forward to seeing you soon and thanks for your ongoing support.

The Squash Melbourne Team

Welcome to Squash Melbourne, your home for casual or competitive squash, and fitness training.

Please select the activity you would like to book below.

Squash Melbourne is the new name for an old venue!


Purpose built 20+ years ago, it was designed with only one idea in mind …. a state of the art venue for people to enjoy the great game of squash. The centre remains one of the largest in Victoria and Australia with 10 glass-backed courts and 2 traditional enclosed courts. With all of the courts having recently been painted and the floors sanded they are once again in great shape and ready for action.

We are intent on bringing Squash back to the forefront of people’s minds. The number of people who say, “I used to play Squash” needs to translate into “and I have decided to play again”. Our range of squash options, coupled with a fully-licenced and well-stocked bar, create a relaxed and social atmosphere for players of all skill levels to enjoy.

With over nearly 1500 registered players we hope that everyone can find their level of enjoyment while playing squash.


We have also partnered with a number of trainers to run our Fitness training area where both individual and group sessions are run. With high intensity Training available for all fitness levels it is the perfect area to improve either overall fitness or specific training for an individual sport. With significant investment over the last 3 years the Fitness area represents an ideal opportunity to get yourself in form for what ever activity you may pursue.

Just follow the links to get all of the information
you require, or drop by and see us.

Squash Melbourne Staff